Fall Home Maintenance: Prepping Your Home for Winter

As the vibrant colours of autumn start to fade, and the air becomes crisper, it’s a clear sign that winter is just around the corner. Before the snow and frigid temperatures arrive, it’s essential to ensure that your home is prepared to withstand the harsh conditions of the Saskatchewan winter season. Fall home maintenance is a crucial step in safeguarding your property and keeping it warm, comfortable, and energy-efficient during the winter months. Here are some tasks to help you get your home ready for winter.


1. Inspect Your Roof

Your roof is your home’s first line of defence against the elements, so it’s vital to make sure it’s in good shape. Check for damaged or missing shingles, and repair any issues you find. Remove debris like leaves and twigs, which can trap moisture and cause rot. Ensure that your gutters are clean and functioning correctly to prevent ice dams and water damage.


2. Seal Gaps & Cracks

Inspect the exterior of your home for gaps and cracks in the foundation, siding, and around windows and doors. Seal these gaps with weatherstripping or caulk to prevent drafts and keep your home warm. Like our parents always used to say—”We’re not paying to heat the whole neighbourhood!”


3. Service Your Heating Systems

If it has been a while since last time, have your heating system professionally serviced before the cold weather sets in. Change the filters, clean the ducts, and ensure everything is working efficiently. If you have a fireplace or wood-burning stove, clean the chimney to prevent hazardous creosote buildup. These proactive steps can prevent heating breakdowns during the winter and improve energy efficiency. And servicing early will prevent frosty wait times should you wait for a problem to arise!


4. Check Insulation

Proper insulation is crucial to keeping your home warm and energy-efficient. Inspect your attic, walls, and basement for any gaps or missing insulation. Consider topping up insulation if necessary to keep the warm air in and the cold air out.


5. Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

When winter sets in, no one thinks twice about cranking the temps to stave off the cold. With heaters and fireplaces in use, though, it’s essential to make sure your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working correctly. Replace the batteries and test them to ensure your family’s safety.


6. Winterize Your Plumbing

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your plumbing, and water damage is one thing no homeowner wants to deal with. Drain and disconnect outdoor hoses, shut off exterior faucets, and insulate pipes in unheated areas of your home to prevent freezing and bursting. Consider investing in a smart thermostat to monitor and control your home’s temperature remotely.


7. Clean & Store Yard Equipment

As the gardening season ends, clean and properly store your yard equipment. Drain gasoline from lawnmowers, trimmers, and other tools to prevent fuel degradation and damage to the equipment. Store them in a dry, sheltered area. Tidy up your outdoor space to prevent having to dig anything out of the show—especially if you are selling your home this winter!


8. Prune Shrubs & Trees

Fall is an excellent time to prune trees and shrubs to keep them looking sharp for next season! Trim dead ends and any overhanging branches or those close to your home to prevent potential damage from heavy snow and ice.


9. Stock Up on Winter Supplies

Lastly, remember to stock up on winter essentials like salt, snow brushes, and shovels. Having these items on hand will make dealing with snow and ice much more manageable when the first storm of the season hits.


Preparing your home for winter is a simple way to ensure that it remains a warm, safe, and energy-efficient sanctuary throughout the cold season. These steps will not only keep you comfortable but also save you money on energy bills and potential repair costs. So, roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and get your home ready for winter and surviving the holiday season ahead.

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Benefits of Buying a Home in Summer

There are many decisions to make in the process of buying a home. You need to define your wants and needs, including location and size. You’ll also need to assess your finances to get an idea of how much you can afford. One thing that troubles many homebuyers, though, is deciding when is the best time to move. Here are some of the benefits of buying a home in summer:


Warm & Sunny Weather

When asked what our favourite season is, many of us won’t hesitate to say summer. The warm and sunny weather is perfect for making the most of our outdoor spaces, hosting barbecues, and enjoying our favourite Saskatchewan lakes. It is for this same reason that it is also an ideal time to buy a home!

The warmer weather makes the process of moving in and out of a new home much more comfortable and convenient. No need to worry about trudging through knee-deep snow and slipping on an ice patch in the driveway!


Lower Competition

Summers and vacations go hand-in-hand, meaning there is usually a reduced level of buyer competition. This can be especially helpful during periods of low inventory levels, like we’ve been seeing in the current Saskatoon real estate market. With (hopefully) fewer buyers to negotiate against, you may be able to score a more favourable price on your dream home!


Wider Selection

As I said before, inventory levels in the recent Saskatoon real estate market have been tight. However, summer typically helps to bring a boost in listings, as many homeowners use this more relaxed season to put their homes on the market. This often means there is a wider selection of homes for sale, giving you more options to choose from.


Moving Before School Starts

Having school-aged kids can often make the idea of buying a new home that much more stressful. Moving at all can already be enough of a headache on its own, but factoring in their studies and school schedule makes it that much more complex. Thankfully, summer is the perfect reprieve from all of that!

Buying a house in summer is the perfect chance to move in before the start of the new school year. This same timeline can also make some sellers more willing to negotiate, too, as they countdown the clock on their own move after selling. It also gives you plenty of time to settle in before your first holiday season in your new home!


Buying a home in summer comes with a long list of benefits, from ideal moving weather to more variety. But, the most important consideration should always be whether or not it works for your family. Consult with your experienced Saskatoon REALTOR® today to decide if buying a home this summer is the right fit for you!

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Spring Into Indoor Plant Care

Hey, plant-loving people! 

It’s springtime, and you know what that means – it’s time to dust off those green thumbs and prepare your indoor plants for the season! Here are some tips that will help your plant babies bloom and thrive:

Brighten up their day: 

Just like you, plants need their daily dose of sunshine. Find a bright spot in your house where they can soak up some indirect sunlight without getting scorched. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, rotate them occasionally to keep them growing evenly.


Give them a drink: 

Your plants may be thirsty, but don’t go overboard with the H2O. Remember that drowning them is just as bad as leaving them thirsty. Check the soil every few days and only water them when the top inch is dry. And don’t forget to drain any excess water from the pot to avoid root rot!


Feed them some love: 

Spring is the perfect time to show your plants love with a little plant food. You can pick up some organic fertilizer or try a liquid fertilizer for a quick boost. Just be sure to read the instructions and follow the recommended dosage.


Keep them cozy: 

As the temperature fluctuates, ensure your plants aren’t feeling the chill. Keep them away from drafty spots and avoid placing them too close to the heater. You don’t want your plants catching a cold, do you?


Give them a haircut: 

Like your hair, your plants need a trim every now and then. Pruning helps keep them healthy and encourages new growth. Grab sharp scissors and snip away any dead or dying leaves or branches.


Give them room to grow: 

If your plants are feeling a bit cramped, give them some more space by repotting them. This will help them stretch out their roots and get some fresh soil to play in. Plus, it’s always fun to pick out a new pot, right?


Pamper those leaves: 

Dust can accumulate on your plant’s leaves, which can make it harder for them to breathe. Give them a spa day by wiping them down with a damp cloth or a soft brush. They’ll thank you with some extra-pretty foliage.


There you have it, folks! With these tips, your indoor plants will flourish in no time. Happy planting!

If you need a great new home to display your plants in, contact me today!


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9 Tips for Surviving the Holidays



Every Holiday season is stressful, with the busyness between meeting up with friends, family and even those Christmas work parties. The feeling of being stretched out thin is inevitable—with the help of these 9 tips, I hope your holiday season can be as stress-free as possible.

Online Shop 

Skip all the lines and circle the parking lot, and shop online. Not only is everything you could ever want at the tip of your fingers—but it also conveniently arrives at your doorstep. Frequently online shopping allows for gift-wrapping options. Take full advantage of that service!

Celebrate Minimally 

Try to alleviate stress by planning fewer get-togethers and easier ones to host—even better yet, try to avoid hosting altogether and be a guest. If you are hosting, go to the fancy dining and centrepieces, and opt for guests to bring their dish, potluck style and keep decor to a minimum.

Only Buy for the Kids

Purchasing gifts for people can be a huge challenge, from deciding what to get everyone to the financial burden. Skip the adults and only buy for the kids of the family. Children will appreciate the gifts more, and it is more fun to buy and watch them open them. Speaking of gifts, opt for gift bags and tissue paper to save time wrapping.

Minimal Christmas Decorations

A Christmas tree is all you need to set the Christmas mood. Try not to go overboard with too many decorations. If you want to change things up, make your own decorations, from popcorn garland to paper snowflakes—get the whole family involved. 

Prepare in Advance

Preparation is your best defence to combat holiday stress. Up until Christmas, pre-bake and pre-cook as many things as possible for the big day. Make lists, plan all your meals, and stock up on extra snacks for drop-in guests. Consider getting some chocolate boxes and small monetary gift cards to have on hand if you’ve missed a gift here or there.

Stock Up in November

The end of November is quickly approaching, so hopefully, you already have some things stockpiled and prepared. Surviving the holiday season means gathering everything you need before the holidays are in full swing—stock up on the essentials like gifts and beverages before the store madness begins. You can easily do this before the start of December. 

Call People vs Christmas Cards

Instead of taking time out of your busy schedule to write and order Christmas cards—give those essential people in your life a call before the holiday craziness begins. You may not have talked to friends and family for a while, now’s your chance, even sending off a Facebook message might spark a delightful conversation.

Make Plans in Advance and Re-confirm

Plans are the key to a successful get-together. Make plans days or weeks in advance with your expected company. Re-confirm several times if certain people require it, and re-confirm a few days in advance to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Plan Ahead for DownTime

Regarding schedules, incorporate some quiet downtime into your busy schedule—whether a walk together or alone, a fun family activity like skating or building a snowman, or a drive around the neighbourhood to look at the Christmas lights.


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Nothing in life is perfect, and if you expect everything to run smoothly and go as planned, you are sadly mistaken. Don’t let the little things get in the way of your enjoyment of the holidays. Keep plugging away bit by bit until it’s over. 

There you go. I hope you are ready to combat the holiday season with these 9 helpful tips. All we can try is our best and make it through to January. 

If you need a home to celebrate the holidays in, contact your local REALTOR®.


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Discover How Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Home


Unlike popular belief, winter can be a perfect time to sell your house. Please keep reading to find out how it is advantageous to list your home as it gets colder.


Winter Spawns Serious Buyers


As the snow falls and temperatures start to plummet, people start to leave their homes less. In spring and summer, it’s easy to attract people to view your home, but how many of them are serious about purchasing it?—verses when you host an open house or a showing in winter when people show up, you know they are serious buyers.

Winter weeds out the tire kickers from the dedicated clients.


Less Competition


In winter, fewer homes are on the market, reducing the competition significantly. As long as the demand is there, you could sell your home faster than in warmer months because fewer options are available.


Highlight Your Homes Energy Efficiency


If you have lived in your property for a few years, you might have significantly upgraded your home. These improvements might include energy-efficient upgrades like a new furnace or windows. When selling in winter, highlight these investments in your listing that could save the new owner money in the long run.


Other key features to show off in cold weather, such as a hot tub or fireplace, are lovely ways to beat the winter chill and have buyers wanting to feel cozy.


The days are getting shorter, and the snow has started to fly, making it the perfect time to sell your home. I hope this blog has sparked your interest to list your home in winter to get in on the hot seller’s market.


If you are looking for a knowledgeable REALTOR® to help you on your home selling (or buying) journey, contact me today!



Check out these other sure-fire ways to attract home buyers.


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Checklist to Secure Your Home While You Are Away


Travelling is always an exciting time, but how do you ensure your home is safe and secure while you enjoy a vacation away? You can do several things to prevent break-ins and decrease the risk of damage. 


Consider this checklist next time you travel:


  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked, and double-check the basement and garage doors.


  • Timers for your lights are another solid investment. Install the timers indoors and outdoors. Set the on and off times to the natural rhythm of when your home lights would typically be on. Setting them to be on 24 hours daily is a clear sign something is a miss.


  • Securely lock up and put away all your valuables, such as jewellery, cash or other sentimental items. Avoid leaving valuables out in plain sights, such as near a window.


  • Never leave spare keys hidden around your property. Contact a trusted friend or neighbour to hold onto any extra keys while you are away in case of an emergency.


  • While you are at it, get that trusted friend or neighbour to check on your home while you are away. They can ensure that your house is still in one piece throughout your vacation, preventing frozen pipes, water damage and bringing your mail inside. Doing so will also give off the impression that someone is home. In winter, hire a company or friend to clear your snow, so it looks inhabited. Plus, it saves you the headache of shovelling when you return.


  • If you haven’t already, install an alarm system and security cameras. You can check on your home via your cell phone and alert your trusted person to anything amiss. Doorbell cameras are another excellent investment; alerts can be sent to your phone when people approach.


  • Shut off the water and unplug unused electronics if you go away for extended periods.


  • Check your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors before you leave. Replace the batteries and ensure they are in good working order.


  • As exciting as going away is, avoid posting about it on social media until you return. You do not want to alert the public that your home is unattended. 


Use this checklist to plan the security of your home and give yourself a piece of mind while you are gone on vacation. 


If you are looking for a home (to be away from), contact your local REALTOR® today!

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5 Local Places to try in Saskatoon this Summer



Summertime is here, which means one thing…it’s time to get outside and enjoy all Saskatoon has to offer. There are many places to eat in Saskatoon, and choosing one to meet up with family and friends can be challenging. Here are five local restaurants to try in Saskatoon that will win anyone over.


Indigenous Cuisine 

Bannock Express


Bannock Express is a locally owned indigenous restaurant. It started as a Farmer’s Market stall and now has a restaurant on Avenue B, shared with Botte Chai and Dulce Bakery. The menu features bannock-centric offerings, which all look delicious. If you need to cool down this summer and are downtown, the menu also features various lemonades! The Co-op also sells the restaurant’s signature bannock—so stop in there if you can’t make it downtown. Inside the business is a pinboard that encourages people to donate and provide meals to feed the less fortunate.



Ace Burger


Ace Burger began its life as a food truck and transitioned into a restaurant that is located on Broadway. The patio is perfect for summertime meetups with family and friends to enjoy great burgers, hot dogs, poutines, chicken sandwiches and out-of-this-world fries. Modern and cozy vibes fill the space. On your way out, pick up an Ace Burger shirt and hat! They also offer take-out—a nice break from cooking on a hot Friday night.





Odla is another restaurant gem found on Broadway. The owners of Farm One Forty started the place with their holistic approach to farming and food. The menu consists of high-end meals made with products from local farmers and producers—featuring a vast list of wines and unique cocktails. The atmosphere is casual, yet sophisticated. Check out their patio to relax and enjoy a fantastic meal. If dining in isn’t for you, they also have an extensive selection of “market items” that you can purchase to cook or reheat meals at home.


Korean & Japanese Fusion

Sticks & Stones


Sticks & Stones has a delicious menu with an array of Korean and Japanese fusion eats. It has a casual, yet modern vibe, conveniently located downtown. Stones is the perfect place to enjoy a warm bowl of Ramen and a tasty ice cold drink—exclusively open in the evenings, offering table reservations or ordering online. 



Thirteen Pies Pizza + Bar


Thirteen Pies is open only in the evenings and is located downtown. The pizza is self-described as “Brooklyn style”—definition: it has a thin crust and is foldable to go down quickly. Their white sauce pizza is terrific, the drinks are divine, and the atmosphere is an upscale pub. If you are wandering downtown on a summer night and are looking for some late-night eats, pick this place—they offer delivery too.


From sushi to pizza, there is something for every taste bud in Saskatoon. Even better is supporting local businesses, producers, farmers and families. I hope that a few of these places spark your interest and you try them out this summer! 

If you need help finding real estate close to any of these hot spots, contact your local REALTOR® today!


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What is the Best Time to Move?

You’ve seen it. It’s everywhere! Inventory remains at an all-time low in Saskatoon, and with interest rates also staying attractively low, demand remains high. With eager buyers jumping at the opportunity to buy a home, prices are rising, piquing many homeowners’ interest in selling. 

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer hoping to take advantage of the fantastic interest rates or a seller hoping to get more for your home, you’ve likely asked, “Is it a good time to move?” There are a lot of factors to take into account when considering the best time to move. If you’re currently deciding when to move, here are some of the factors to consider:


Why Are You Moving?

Depending on why you are moving or considering a move, your timeframe for when to move could change considerably.

#1 – You Are Relocating for Work. If you are moving to Saskatoon for a new job or position, you are likely working with a set deadline. This means you will have strict guidelines both in searching for a home and planning a move when it comes to dates. If you are simply moving within the city to lessen your commute or make it more convenient, you will have considerably more flexibility.

#2 – Looking for a Better Neighbourhood. Another reason why many families choose to move is to find the perfect neighbourhood. While this doesn’t give you any time constraints to work within, it’s important to note that it can take some time if you are particular about the neighbourhoods you are searching in. You may need to wait for the perfect property to come on the market.

#3 – Moving to a Bigger Home. Growing families often find themselves searching for more space, which may mean moving to a bigger home. While a great reason to be making your move, it shouldn’t interfere with any timing you may be planning for.

#4 – Downsizing to a Smaller Home. When the kids have all flown the nest, and you no longer need the 5-bedroom, 3-bathroom house, it might be time to downsize. Again, similar to moving to a bigger home, this shouldn’t interfere with planning the timing of your move.

#5 – Taking Advantage of Interest Rates. If you’ve been pre-approved for a mortgage with an attractive interest rate you don’t want to miss out on, you will need to expedite your home search to fit your locked-in rate’s deadline. These typically stay in effect for 60-90 days, which will be about when you should plan to buy a new home. However, if you’d prefer to push off the move beyond that time, you can always talk to your REALTOR® about moving the possession date to a time that works better for you.

#6 – Making the Most of Market Trends. If you have a home to sell and Saskatoon is in a seller’s market, you may want to take advantage of that to get more value for your home. Especially in a high-demand market, this could mean a quicker move, so talk to your REALTOR® about how quickly you might expect to sell. That way, you can get a better idea for planning your move.


The Best Time of Year to Move

Knowing how the reason you are moving influences the timing of your move, you can start to plan the “when” of it all. Each season has pros and cons for moving, so here’s what to consider when deciding the best time of year to move for you and your family.

Spring is traditionally when the real estate market in Saskatoon begins to get busiest. The weather starts to warm, people start coming out of the homes they’ve been trapped in all winter and are eager for a change of scenery. Some pros to moving in spring are that you’ll be settled into your new home in time to relax for the summer holidays, and the weather tends to be much more temperate—not too cold and not too hot. However, it can also be a hectic time for kids in school, particularly those in high school facing exam season. Moving companies are also getting busier, so you may need to be more flexible with dates to make it work.

Summer, particularly early summer, tends to be the busiest moving season as homebuyers who bought in spring come up to their possession dates. Moving in summer can be a great thing—the kids are out of school, it may be easier to take vacation time, and the weather is usually warm and sunny. However, moving companies are in their highest-demand season, which means you may have a harder time picking dates and can even expect to pay a little more than slower seasons.

Fall is when the Saskatoon real estate market tends to slow down as kids return to school and the vacation replies start to disappear. This cooler market may make moving in fall the ideal choice for you, with less demand for moving companies and typically easier conditions for buying a house. Plus, you will be nice and settled in just in time to show off to friends and family over the holidays! However, it can also be a little more complicated if you have kids in school, especially if you might be moving to a new school district.

Winter is usually the slowest season in real estate, with colder weather keeping people indoors. This can make moving in winter more attractive, with market conditions at their least stressful and moving companies at their most available (sometimes even offering discounted rates!). However, you will need to battle the elements on moving day, something most of us avoid during winter in Saskatchewan, and you may be in the process of moving over the holidays, which can already be stressful enough.


So, when it really comes down to it, there is no true “best time to move,” only the best time for you and your family. No matter when you decide to make your move, though, there are a few tried and true ways to make it as easy as possible. Your experienced REALTOR® will be able to walk you through all of the best tips and tricks for a stress-free move. And if you still need help deciding when to do it, they can help with that, too!

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Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Though the blustery winter weather we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks in Saskatoon might have us thinking spring is still months away, we’re actually only a couple of weeks out. Soon enough, the longer days will bring warmer weather, and the long-anticipated seasonal thaw will begin. And with that thaw comes some essential home maintenance that will need taking care of!


Check & Clean Eavestroughs

With the wind and snow blowing around all winter long, things are bound to end up on the roof and in our eavestroughs. These little valleys are not only preventing water damage during spring and summer rains but are particularly important in helping the thawing snow and ice find their way to the ground as they melt. That means, even when it’s still a little chilly out, a trip up the ladder may be to ensure they are working at 100%.

Check the eavestroughs and downspouts for any blockages and clear them away. Secure any loose joints to prevent drips, and make sure the downspouts point away from your foundation. The last thing anybody wants to wake up to is a flooded basement!


Change Filters

After working hard to heat your home from the famous Saskatchewan winter chill, your furnace is bound to need a little TLC. Change out the furnace filter to keep it in good working order for those chilly spring evenings. Change out the range hood filter while you’re at it, and clean out your heat recovery unit, too!


Inspect Entryways & Windows for Gaps

Sure, warmer weather means enjoying more time in our outdoor space, breathing in the fresh air, but it also means the return of every homeowner’s nightmare: pests. Take some time to check your doorways and windows for any gaps or holes where bugs or rodents could sneak through. If you find any, seal them off to keep unwanted guests out. (The insect and rodent variety, of course…)


Check Soil Settlement at the Foundation

The one thing the winter thaw is particularly good at is washing away soil where we might actually want it to stay. One place that can often get hit pretty hard: around your home’s foundation.

Once the snow has cleared enough for you to see, take a walk around your home and see how the soil is settled. If it looks more like a moat a prince would have to cross to get to the castle, water damage may be on the way as the water drains toward your foundation. To combat it, simply fill it in until you see a nice, gentle slope that will encourage water to drain away from the house rather than into it.


Other Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – If you’ve got littles, spring is also a great time to run fire drills with them to prepare them in case of emergency!

Inspect the Roof – Once the snow has melted away through your sparkling clean eavestroughs, break out the ladder again to check your roof for any repairs that may need to be done. You can also use this time to inspect the siding around the house for any spots that may need to be re-secured.

Clean Fireplaces & Chimneys – If you’re lucky enough to have an incredible, fully-functional wood-burning fireplace, chances are it’s been working double-time over the past few months. Before retiring it for the season, clean it out and consider having it serviced if you haven’t had it done recently.

Check Sump Pump – If you have one, make sure it works correctly and pushes water away from your foundation, not toward it.

Spring Cleaning – While the weather’s not too cold and not too hot, take some time to give your home a spring makeover! Clean windows inside and out, wash off window and door screens and consider spraying off your siding, deck, and siding for some added curb appeal—especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.


Though we may feel like hibernating until the hottest days of summer, don’t sleep on these essential spring home maintenance tasks. Not only will they keep your home in tip-top shape, but they’ll also set you up for that easy-breezy, worry-free summer you’ve been waiting so patiently for!

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Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space

Well, Saskatoon, it looks like we’ll be spending another summer close to home. With the real estate market as hot as it is right now, it’s evident that some people are taking the opportunity to upgrade their living situations. Imagine finding a home with a great outdoor space—kids’ playset included. Or what if it has a pool? How amazing will your summer be with access to your very own backyard oasis?

If it’s possible to change your primary residence to suit your desired lifestyle better, that is a great option. If you are unable to find your family’s perfect home, what can you do to improve your outdoor space? The good news is, there’s plenty you can do to enhance the outdoor area you do have while you are waiting to move!

Furnishings: Need a place to relax and enjoy your outdoor space? Purchase hardy outdoor furnishings that stand up well to our climate.

Heat It Up: A fire pit or fire table can turn your outdoor space into an inviting gathering place. Adding a heat source to your outdoor space will also increase the amount of time you can enjoy it.

Spruce Up Your Gathering Space: If you have a deck, consider sanding and restaining it to freshen it up. If you have a patio, use a pressure washer to make your blocks look new again and take care of weeds or grass growing between the blocks.

Light It Up: Not only can lights transform the look of outdoor space, but they can also add nighttime safety and security.

Add a Water Feature: A water feature can be a great focal point, easy to install and maintain and come in many affordable options and sizes. Choose from tabletop fountains to large rock features. A successful outdoor space takes all senses into account, including sound. And there is no sound more relaxing than moving water!

Make a Walking Path: Use mulch, stones slabs, or paving stones, to lead to a bench or chair in your favorite spot.

Create Privacy: There’s nothing better about living in Saskatoon than the friendliness of familiarity you’ll feel with your neighbours. But sometimes, you just want to relax without worrying that Wilson next door will hassle you the moment you open the patio door! Adding a fence can help create privacy from neighbors and boundaries from other areas of your home. In urban climates, you may want to add a privacy wall to your deck or patio as well. Creating privacy will give your outdoor space a sense of coziness.

Add Potted Plants: Simple, yet effective, adding potted plants adds an extra touch of green into your outdoor oasis, whether you’re working with a full backyard or cozy condo balcony. Plus, if you’re thinking about selling, it can be an easy way to boost your home’s curb appeal for sale, too!

Create a Shady Place: When the sun is too hot to handle, have a place you can go to escape.  A pergola, canvas pole tent, curtains, or a taut piece of canvas will do the trick.

No matter what your outdoor space may look like, there are plenty of ways to boost its appeal while you are waiting to move. And if you find it still just doesn’t feel right, we can always, of course, speed up the timeline and start your home search sooner!

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