Navigating the Canadian Real Estate Market: Understanding Interest Rates

By Margaret Baker | Feb 1, 2024

Did you know that the interest rates can greatly impact the real estate market? When the interest rates are low, it makes it more affordable for buyers to finance their home purchases. However, if the interest rates rise, it could make borrowing more expensive and possibly reduce demand for real estate. Let’s delve into how […]

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Real Estate Trends 2024: What’s on the Horizon

By Margaret Baker | Jan 2, 2024

With another year in the rearview, the question on everyone’s mind at this time of year is what will come in the months ahead. In 2023, we continued to see evolution in the real estate market with technological advancements, making both buying and selling more flexible than ever before. We saw home decor trends come […]

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5 Smart Home Upgrades to Increase Your Property Value

By Margaret Baker | Nov 1, 2023

Creating a smart home can be a great way to add convenience and efficiency to your lifestyle. But beyond just personal benefit, integrating smart home technology can also significantly increase how much your home is worth. Not only do these devices add a sense of modernization to the home, they can even save the new […]

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Fall Home Maintenance: Prepping Your Home for Winter

By Margaret Baker | Oct 1, 2023

As the vibrant colours of autumn start to fade, and the air becomes crisper, it’s a clear sign that winter is just around the corner. Before the snow and frigid temperatures arrive, it’s essential to ensure that your home is prepared to withstand the harsh conditions of the Saskatchewan winter season. Fall home maintenance is […]

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Moving with Kids: Navigating the Journey to a New Home

By Margaret Baker | Sep 1, 2023

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet challenging endeavour for anyone. But add kids into the mix? Now the process becomes a whole new ballgame. Whether it’s due to a job change, upgrading your living situation, or any other reason, moving with kids requires careful planning, open communication, and a touch of […]

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The Psychology of Colour in Home Decor: A Guide to Choosing the Right Colours for Your Space

By Margaret Baker | Aug 1, 2023

Imagine stepping into a bedroom that instantly makes you feel calm and relaxed; or a home office that makes you feel inspired. Colours can have a profound effect on our psychology, influencing our moods, behaviours, and perceptions of the space around us. In fact, if you’ve been considering a home renovation, you’d be surprised at […]

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