Seasonal InterestSelling March 4, 2022

Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Though the blustery winter weather we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks in Saskatoon might have us thinking spring is still months away, we’re actually only a couple of weeks out. Soon enough, the longer days will bring warmer weather, and the long-anticipated seasonal thaw will begin. And with that thaw comes some essential home maintenance that will need taking care of!


Check & Clean Eavestroughs

With the wind and snow blowing around all winter long, things are bound to end up on the roof and in our eavestroughs. These little valleys are not only preventing water damage during spring and summer rains but are particularly important in helping the thawing snow and ice find their way to the ground as they melt. That means, even when it’s still a little chilly out, a trip up the ladder may be to ensure they are working at 100%.

Check the eavestroughs and downspouts for any blockages and clear them away. Secure any loose joints to prevent drips, and make sure the downspouts point away from your foundation. The last thing anybody wants to wake up to is a flooded basement!


Change Filters

After working hard to heat your home from the famous Saskatchewan winter chill, your furnace is bound to need a little TLC. Change out the furnace filter to keep it in good working order for those chilly spring evenings. Change out the range hood filter while you’re at it, and clean out your heat recovery unit, too!


Inspect Entryways & Windows for Gaps

Sure, warmer weather means enjoying more time in our outdoor space, breathing in the fresh air, but it also means the return of every homeowner’s nightmare: pests. Take some time to check your doorways and windows for any gaps or holes where bugs or rodents could sneak through. If you find any, seal them off to keep unwanted guests out. (The insect and rodent variety, of course…)


Check Soil Settlement at the Foundation

The one thing the winter thaw is particularly good at is washing away soil where we might actually want it to stay. One place that can often get hit pretty hard: around your home’s foundation.

Once the snow has cleared enough for you to see, take a walk around your home and see how the soil is settled. If it looks more like a moat a prince would have to cross to get to the castle, water damage may be on the way as the water drains toward your foundation. To combat it, simply fill it in until you see a nice, gentle slope that will encourage water to drain away from the house rather than into it.


Other Spring Home Maintenance Tasks

Test Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors – If you’ve got littles, spring is also a great time to run fire drills with them to prepare them in case of emergency!

Inspect the Roof – Once the snow has melted away through your sparkling clean eavestroughs, break out the ladder again to check your roof for any repairs that may need to be done. You can also use this time to inspect the siding around the house for any spots that may need to be re-secured.

Clean Fireplaces & Chimneys – If you’re lucky enough to have an incredible, fully-functional wood-burning fireplace, chances are it’s been working double-time over the past few months. Before retiring it for the season, clean it out and consider having it serviced if you haven’t had it done recently.

Check Sump Pump – If you have one, make sure it works correctly and pushes water away from your foundation, not toward it.

Spring Cleaning – While the weather’s not too cold and not too hot, take some time to give your home a spring makeover! Clean windows inside and out, wash off window and door screens and consider spraying off your siding, deck, and siding for some added curb appeal—especially if you’re thinking of selling your home.


Though we may feel like hibernating until the hottest days of summer, don’t sleep on these essential spring home maintenance tasks. Not only will they keep your home in tip-top shape, but they’ll also set you up for that easy-breezy, worry-free summer you’ve been waiting so patiently for!