Selling November 1, 2023

5 Smart Home Upgrades to Increase Your Property Value

Creating a smart home can be a great way to add convenience and efficiency to your lifestyle. But beyond just personal benefit, integrating smart home technology can also significantly increase how much your home is worth. Not only do these devices add a sense of modernization to the home, they can even save the new homeowners time and money—justifying an increase in property value. Today, we are going to explore 5 smart home upgrades that can attract home buyers and boost your property’s market value.


Smart Thermostats: Climate Control and Energy Savings

A smart thermostat is a practical addition to any home, allowing you to remotely control your heating and cooling systems with your smartphone or voice commands. Smart thermostats learn over time and adjust the temperature based on your preferences, potentially saving you a significant amount on energy bills. They’re not only convenient but also appealing to homebuyers who are looking for eco-friendly and energy-efficient features.


Intelligent Security Systems: Safety with Convenience

Home security is a top priority for many homeowners and prospective buyers alike. Upgrading to a smart security system—which typically includes smart locks, cameras, and alarms that can be monitored and controlled remotely—provides a sense of safety and peace of mind. Together, these devices can notify you of any unusual activity in real time and can be a powerful deterrent to potential intruders. This can be a particularly attractive selling point for buyers who value security.


Connected Lighting: Ambiance and Energy Efficiency

Smart lighting systems allow homeowners to adjust the lighting from anywhere, set schedules, and even create scenes for different times of the day. The accompanying LED smart bulbs are also more energy-efficient and last longer than traditional light bulbs, making them a cost-effective solution in the long term. With the increasing popularity of home automation, lighting that can be controlled with your smartphone or smart assistant is a highly desirable upgrade when buying a house.


Advanced Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Enhanced Safety Features

Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are more sophisticated than their traditional counterparts. They can send alerts to your phone if there’s an issue, and some models can even tell you the type and location of the fire or gas leak. These devices add a layer of safety to the home and are a worthwhile investment for homeowners who want to leverage modern technology for enhanced protection. The added benefit of having these systems already installed also adds a level of comfort and security for potential buyers, increasing its attractiveness and value.


Smart Home Hubs and Voice Assistants: The Heart of Home Automation

A smart home hub is the central point of control for all your devices. Paired with a voice assistant like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, it allows for seamless integration and management of your smart home ecosystem. Homebuyers are increasingly looking for homes that offer integrated technologies that can be easily controlled, making a smart home hub an attractive feature for tech-savvy buyers.


Smart home upgrades can make a home more attractive to potential buyers by offering cutting-edge technology that provides convenience, energy savings, and enhanced security. When considering smart home upgrades, focus on those that offer broad appeal and practical benefits. By doing so, you can increase your property’s value and desirability in today’s real estate market.

Remember, while these upgrades can add value, ensuring they’re installed professionally and are easy to use is crucial, as complexity can deter some buyers. With the right smart home enhancements, you can make your home stand out in the market and command a higher selling price. Consult your local real estate professional for more details on what upgrades to consider when preparing your home for sale!