Selling August 15, 2018

While Your Home is Listed

Things to Know While Your House is For Sale


Now that your home is for sale, what do you do in the meantime? Here’s a list of a few points to remember and take note of so you’re not feeling helpless throughout the process.

Be Flexible

Be as flexible as possible with showing times. Make it easy for buyers to come and view your home so you don’t miss out on a potential sale. I realize that there are circumstances when this doesn’t allow but being as flexible as you can without too much of an inconvenience to your schedule will have it’s benefits.

Open Houses

I leave the decision of whether or not to do an open house up to my sellers. I’ve found that in some instances, an open house was useful and resulted in a success. However, more times than not, an open house hasn’t resulted in anything other than the neighbours coming over to visit. I leave that decision entirely up to you.

Be Reachable

I will need to contact you for showings and any offers we get and I will need to be able to get ahold of you on short notice. If you are going away, I’ll also need to know that.

Keep Clean

Try to keep your house as clean as possible during times of showings and open houses. We want to eliminate the objections a potential buyer might have and if your house shows great, then it’ll be that more attractive to buyers.


Throughout the time when your house is for sale, I will send you weekly updates in regards to the number of viewings your home has had on certain websites as well as any new comparable houses for sale and ones that have just sold. This will help keep you informed about the market in your area and help you make an informed decision about price reductions. I will also follow up with agents when a showing has occurred and what the feedback has been so you know what, if any, improvements can be made on your part.


These few things will help you reach your goal of selling your home for the most money and in the least amount of time.