Home Decor December 30, 2022

Design Trends We Can Leave in 2022

Trends come and go throughout the years. Here are the trends that are on their way out in 2023. 

Hard-Edge Furniture

Curved furniture is still dominating the interior design space. Hard-edge, clean-line furniture is making its way out. However, instead of completely removing these hard-edge space-saving furniture pieces, dress them up with curved accents, such as round cushions, round coffee tables and textured throw blankets. Pairing furniture with these accents can create balance, depth of space, and coziness.

Rounded Fuzzy Textured Statement Pieces

Fuzzy textured chairs and couches were all the rage in 2022, and the end is in sight for these pieces. While not only being hard to clean, their uniqueness feels dated and drab for the new year—skip this trend in 2023. If you have one or two of these fuzzy chairs or couches, don’t eliminate them, as there is still a trend for round pieces next year. Dress them up with flat fabric throws and cushions.

Monochromatic Minimalism

Monochromatic decor has no personality and a cold quality that needs to be left behind this year. Its over-simple and sparse furniture placement leave little to be desired. Opt for more colours, patterns and boldness in 2023 to bring out your personality in each room.

All-White Kitchens

It is sad to see them go. All-white kitchens are losing popularity this coming year. Although they remain a classic colour palette and an excellent base, to begin with. Homeowners are leaning towards a more kitschy kitchen in the new year, with bold accent colours on the walls and the cabinets. Think of fun tile backsplashes, curtains and plants!

Industrial Hardware

Matte-black plumbing and hardware that coincides with the monochromatic theme are far too casual for the new year. Now that people are dressing and going out again, so are their homes following suit. Polished metals such as chrome and brass are making a comeback and will take center stage in 2023.

Plain Door Frames and Moldings

In 2023 we are looking at vintage homes with interesting architectural elements, such as unique moulding, wider doors and archways. Modern box frame doors have been in for several years, but a shift is coming to create more dynamic living spaces starting with the door frames. Mouldings and cases also avoid contemporary hard edges and opt for scalloped or pentagon shapes.

Before you go and renovate your entire home to fit these trends, you may want to consider just dressing up the existing pieces or fixtures you have–even a fresh coat of paint can make a massive change to a room.

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