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Benefits of Buying a Home in Summer

There are many decisions to make in the process of buying a home. You need to define your wants and needs, including location and size. You’ll also need to assess your finances to get an idea of how much you can afford. One thing that troubles many homebuyers, though, is deciding when is the best time to move. Here are some of the benefits of buying a home in summer:


Warm & Sunny Weather

When asked what our favourite season is, many of us won’t hesitate to say summer. The warm and sunny weather is perfect for making the most of our outdoor spaces, hosting barbecues, and enjoying our favourite Saskatchewan lakes. It is for this same reason that it is also an ideal time to buy a home!

The warmer weather makes the process of moving in and out of a new home much more comfortable and convenient. No need to worry about trudging through knee-deep snow and slipping on an ice patch in the driveway!


Lower Competition

Summers and vacations go hand-in-hand, meaning there is usually a reduced level of buyer competition. This can be especially helpful during periods of low inventory levels, like we’ve been seeing in the current Saskatoon real estate market. With (hopefully) fewer buyers to negotiate against, you may be able to score a more favourable price on your dream home!


Wider Selection

As I said before, inventory levels in the recent Saskatoon real estate market have been tight. However, summer typically helps to bring a boost in listings, as many homeowners use this more relaxed season to put their homes on the market. This often means there is a wider selection of homes for sale, giving you more options to choose from.


Moving Before School Starts

Having school-aged kids can often make the idea of buying a new home that much more stressful. Moving at all can already be enough of a headache on its own, but factoring in their studies and school schedule makes it that much more complex. Thankfully, summer is the perfect reprieve from all of that!

Buying a house in summer is the perfect chance to move in before the start of the new school year. This same timeline can also make some sellers more willing to negotiate, too, as they countdown the clock on their own move after selling. It also gives you plenty of time to settle in before your first holiday season in your new home!


Buying a home in summer comes with a long list of benefits, from ideal moving weather to more variety. But, the most important consideration should always be whether or not it works for your family. Consult with your experienced Saskatoon REALTOR® today to decide if buying a home this summer is the right fit for you!