When choosing a real estate professional to sell your home, it's crucial to prioritize their dedication and expertise in effective marketing strategies. Merely "listing" your home isn't sufficient for me. My goal is to not only list your home but to sell it promptly and at a price that satisfies you. Achieving this requires a meticulously planned series of steps, executed with a sense of urgency to maximize results.


Crafting a marketing plan serves as the blueprint for a successful sales journey. Our process begins well before the listing stage, as I meticulously assess your home's standout features, the surrounding neighborhood, and competitively price it.

My Approach to Pricing: I conduct diligent and thorough market research, avoiding guesstimates or ballpark figures. Instead, I strategically price your home based on recent comparable sales, aiming to appeal to a broad audience while maximizing your investment. I delve into trends, neighborhood attributes, and consider your personal financial goals and timeline.


In today's digital age, online home viewing has surged, yet the importance of in-person showings and open houses remains unparalleled in the sales process.

Strategic Marketing & Staging: I meticulously craft a tailored marketing strategy for each listed home, accompanied by quality feature sheets. Offering staging suggestions and enhancing curb appeal are integral parts of my approach, ensuring your home is presented in its best light to attract potential buyers.

Property Showings: Personal property showings are scheduled with your convenience in mind, exclusively for genuine prospective buyers. This targeted approach minimizes disruptions while maximizing the likelihood of receiving offers.

Open Houses: Despite technological advancements, traditional open houses remain effective. I strategically schedule open houses, to accommodate your schedule and attract serious buyers. Even those who don't submit offers provide valuable feedback, while interested buyers receive professionally crafted feature sheets to leave a lasting impression.

Weekly Seller Updates: Recognizing the apprehension sellers may feel, I provide proactive weekly updates on showings, feedback, inquiries, and marketing activities related to your property. This regular communication fosters transparency and allows me to address any concerns promptly, ensuring a smooth and informed selling experience for our clients.

Feedback Analysis: I prioritize gathering critical feedback from every agent who previews or shows your home. This proactive approach allows us to understand their comments and their clients' perspectives, enabling me to position your home optimally for a successful sale.


I employ a comprehensive marketing strategy to ensure your home receives maximum exposure to qualified buyers. Beyond traditional methods like print materials and For Sale signs, I leverage various digital platforms, including social media, websites, email, generating a steady stream of inquiries for my listed properties.

In-House Marketing Department: My in-house marketing department enables me to produce high-quality marketing materials with swift turnaround times. From flyers to brochures, I provide superior take-home pieces that give your property a competitive edge in the market.

Exposure on MLS System: Your home is showcased to over 700 real estate professionals on the Saskatchewan Real Estate Association's Multiple Listing Service (MLS), ensuring broad visibility and attracting potential buyers.

Active Marketing: I engage in daily marketing and prospecting efforts to reach new audiences interested in your home, emphasizing a sense of urgency to expedite the selling process.

Internet and Digital Marketing: With a strong online presence, I market your home on major websites, agent platforms, and social media channels, reaching thousands of potential buyers 24/7.

Professional Imaging: My experienced photographers and videographers capture your property's best features using advanced techniques and 3D virtual tours, enhancing its appeal to prospective buyers.

Prominent For Sale Signs: My distinctive For Sale signs, representing one of Canada's largest real estate companies, effectively communicate the availability of your home to passersby.


My brand is synonymous with excellence and success in Saskatoon and area's real estate market. Renowned for my unwavering commitment to exceptional service, I consistently exceed my clients' expectations, earning accolades and awards year after year.

Trusted & Recognized: I have been a dominant force in Saskatoon's real estate landscape for many years. My track record speaks for itself—I am recognized by Century 21 Fusion and Century 21 Canada, year after year, for my sales performance.

With my backing, you have a powerful ally in your real estate journey. Leveraging my extensive network of industry professionals and employing cutting-edge marketing strategies, I ensure your home sells at the optimal time and for the best price. When you're ready to sell, let me craft a comprehensive home-selling plan tailored to your needs and objectives.


Are you gearing up to sell your home or just exploring your options? No matter where you stand in your home selling journey, I'm here to provide you with the insights you need. Requesting your complimentary copy of my comprehensive home seller's guide is easy. Simply download the guide using the link below. This invaluable resource will walk you through the various stages of selling your property and help you navigate the sometimes intricate process with confidence.



Selling a home is a significant decision that you may only make a few times in your life. It's crucial to partner with a real estate professional that possesses experience, a stellar reputation, and a proven track record of success. With me, Margaret Burt at Century 21 Fusion, my core values of teamwork, loyalty, integrity, accountability, and gratitude guide everything I do. I prioritize listening to my clients, staying connected, and being readily accessible.

My commitment to providing sincere, objective advice means I work tirelessly to help you achieve your real estate goals. By blending traditional real estate marketing techniques with cutting-edge digital strategies, I ensure your home is marketed effectively and sold with urgency.

Given the importance of this decision, it's essential to choose your real estate partner carefully. Choose Margaret Burt, where I'm dedicated to delivering exceptional results. Contact me today to begin your home selling journey.