Selling May 2, 2022

How to Set up for the Best Listing Photos (And Why it Matters!)

In the digital age, 80% of buyers first start their house search online. Having great photos that accentuate your home’s best features is the best way to get buyers’ attention and give them the best impression of your home for sale. But taking good photos can feel intimidating if it’s not something you’re familiar or comfortable with. As part of my professional marketing plan, though, I enlist the help of a professional real estate photographer who can help you take the best photos of your property and put it in a good light. That being said, here are some things you can do to get your home photo-ready.


Tidy, Tidy, Tidy

The number one tip to a good photo is a decluttered space that shows off the room. After all, buyers want to see the area around your possessions, which can be difficult with too much clutter. If you have furniture in the rooms, make sure that minimal objects are placed in or around it. Keep the space as neutral as possible, and the furniture helps show what the room can be used for, rather than the main feature.


Find the Best Lighting

Lighting really matters when taking a good photo. Look at the lighting sources in your room and have it prepared when the photographer shows up. Windows and natural light can be great to give your room a soft and natural feel. 

If it is a cloudy or overcast day, consider what artificial light your room has. What are the overheads like? Do they effectively light the room? If not, do you have lamps or floor lighting that could enhance the space? You could also consider turning on lighting features like fireplaces to add to the ambiance of the photo. 


Think About Composition

Have you already moved out your furniture, or is it still in the space? Either option can work, but you may have different considerations depending on your answer. If you have moved furniture already, this can be great for helping buyers get a complete picture of what the room looks like. However, it may be difficult to judge the size of the room without anything in it, so home staging may be something we want to consider. Even if you have moved, appliances in the kitchen and bathroom should be clean and tidy. 

If you still have furniture, think about the way it is positioned in the room, and see if there are smaller pieces you can move to give a better view of the size of the space. Also, consider objects such as coffee tables or shelving and how you’ve displayed objects on them. These types of furniture shouldn’t be empty. Instead, a couple of tasteful decor items can help to make the home feel welcoming. Be sure to limit these items or create groups of threes for visual appeal. 


Consider the Colours

While it is always good advice to keep your space filled with neutral colours, adding a couple of accents can be nice to enhance your space. If you have some items that add a burst of colour, think about where you want them and how that might help create a more eye-catching photo. If you’re unsure, sticking with neutrals and basics is always the safe bet. 


As always, listing photography can be tricky. And while these tips may help enhance your photos, the biggest thing you can do is keep your space clean and let the professionals do the rest! If you have any questions or concerns, I am here to offer my professional real estate advice to help put your house in the best light and answer any questions you may have.