Home Seller Expenses

Home seller expenses encompass various costs associated with selling a property. These may include real estate agent commissions, which are typically a percentage of the final sale price, as well as staging and home improvement costs to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. Other potential expenses may include home inspection repairs, closing costs, and legal fees for transferring ownership. Sellers should also budget for potential negotiations with buyers, which may involve covering closing costs or offering incentives to close the deal. Overall, understanding and budgeting for these expenses is essential for sellers to navigate the selling process successfully and maximize their net proceeds from the sale.


Real estate commissions are fees paid to real estate agents for their services in facilitating the sale of a property. Typically, the commission is a percentage of the final sale price and is split between the listing agent (representing the seller) and the buyer's agent. The standard commission rate can vary but is often calculated at 6% of the 1st $100,000, 4% of the 2nd $100,000, 2% of any balance of the sale price, with each agent receiving approximately half. However, commission rates are negotiable and can vary depending on factors such as the local market, the type of property, and the level of service provided by the agent. Sellers should discuss commission rates and any additional fees with their chosen real estate agent before listing their property. Remember, I don't get paid until you do so rest assured I will do everything I can to ensure a successful outcome.


Legal fees when selling a home covers the cost of hiring a real estate attorney to oversee the legal aspects of the transaction. These professionals ensure that the sale adheres to all relevant laws and regulations, including drafting and reviewing contracts, conducting title searches, and facilitating the transfer of ownership. The exact cost of legal fees can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the transaction, the lawyer's hourly rate or flat fee, and any additional services required, such as resolving title issues. Sellers should budget for these fees as part of the overall expenses associated with selling their home.


Legal fees: $775-900 + taxes

Land title fees and disbursements:
• Title Search = $15.00 (per title)
• Courier fees = $10.00
• Disbursements = $40.00

Total estimated legal fees, land title fees and disbursements = $925.25-1050.25


Miscellaneous home seller costs encompass various expenses incurred during the process of selling a property beyond real estate commissions and legal fees. These costs may include home staging and repair expenses to enhance the property's appeal to potential buyers. Other miscellaneous expenses can include pre-listing home inspections and any necessary property upgrades or maintenance tasks. It's essential for sellers to budget for these miscellaneous costs and discuss them with their real estate agent to ensure a smooth selling process.

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