Home renovation programs and grants

Home renovation grants are financial assistance programs provided by various levels of government or organizations to help homeowners cover the costs of home improvements. These grants aim to encourage energy efficiency upgrades, safety enhancements, accessibility improvements, and other renovations that contribute to the overall quality and sustainability of homes. They may cover a portion of the renovation expenses, provide rebates for specific upgrades, or offer tax credits to offset the costs. Eligibility criteria, application procedures, and available funding vary depending on the specific grant program and the jurisdiction in which the homeowner resides. It's essential for homeowners to research and understand the eligibility requirements and application process for each grant they wish to apply for.


The Home Energy Loan Program (HELP) in Saskatoon was established to assist homeowners in enhancing their homes' energy efficiency, incorporating renewable energy sources, or reducing water consumption. Through HELP, low-interest loans ranging from $1,000 to $60,000 are provided to cover the upfront costs of these home improvements. Repayment of the loan occurs via the homeowner's property tax payments. While HELP is not designed for minor upgrades like LED lighting or low-flow shower heads, it is suitable for larger-scale projects. However, at present, HELP is at full capacity and is not accepting new applicants or adding them to the waitlist due to all loan funding being allocated to existing participants.

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The Residential Solar Potential Map is a user-friendly tool designed to assist homeowners in assessing the financial and environmental advantages of rooftop solar installation.

Additionally, the Energy Coaching Service offers complimentary energy coaching via phone, email, or in-person consultations. This service aids residents in identifying the most beneficial energy-efficient home upgrades, adopting energy-saving habits, and accessing financial incentives to cover upgrade costs.


Under the Saskatchewan Home Renovation Tax Credit, homeowners in the province can benefit from a non-refundable tax credit of up to $2,100 on eligible home renovation expenses. These expenses, totaling up to $20,000, can include labor costs, materials, permits, and more. Administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) as part of Saskatchewan's income tax system, the credit is claimed through annual tax returns. To qualify, renovations must be conducted on the principal residence in Saskatchewan and the homeowner must inhabit the residence during the eligibility period, and the renovations must be enduring and integral to the dwelling or its land. For more information, homeowners can contact the Canada Revenue Agency directly.


Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate

Replacing old equipment with newer, high-efficiency models can help lower your energy use, increase your comfort and save you money. Get a rebate today!

Commercial Boiler Rebate

Maximize energy cost savings with a high-efficiency natural gas condensing boiler. Rebates start at $4,000 for eligible boiler plants.

Commercial Space & Water Heating Rebate

Reduce energy costs with high-efficiency commercial space and water heating equipment. Rebates are available on eligible natural gas furnaces, water heaters, boilers and infrared tube heaters.

Hydronic Additive Rebate for Boilers

Lower greenhouse gas emissions and reduce operating costs by installing an energy saving additive in your boiler system. A rebate of $200 per gallon is available.

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The Energy Assistance Program is easy to join and has no cost. Save up to $230 a year on your utility bills and make your home energy efficient for free.

High utility bills can be stressful for lower-income households. And it can be costly to make energy efficient upgrades to your home. SaskPower has partnered with CLEAResult, the largest provider of emission-reducing energy solutions across North America, to administer this program. Together, they plan to help you save money on utility bills and make your home more energy efficient.

All Saskatchewan residents who meet the program eligibility below can apply. This program is offered in partnership with the Government of Canada, the City of Saskatoon and the City of Swift Current Light and Power.

To qualify for the program, you must:

  • Own or rent a single-detached home or semi-attached home
  • If you’re renting, get the consent of your landlord to participate
  • Live in the home year-round
  • Be a customer of SaskPower, Saskatoon Light and Power or Swift Current Light and Power
  • Have a household income of $70,000 or less (exceptions apply – contact SaskPowe for details)
  • Live in a multi-residential unit building: i.e. apartment or condo (some conditions may apply)

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The Saskatchewan Secondary Suite Incentive (SSI) grant program is designed to improve housing affordability by generating supplementary income for homeowners and increase the availability of rental units in our communities. The grant program will provide 35% of the cost to build a new secondary suite at an owner’s primary residence, to a maximum grant of $35,000 per qualifying property. The SSI is administered by the Ministry of Finance. The SSI will be open to qualifying properties incurring eligible costs from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2026, to accommodate projects that have already been initiated.


  • A qualifying property is a new private, self-contained residential unit within a single-family detached home and includes laneway homes, garden suites, and garage suites. Only one secondary suite unit may be funded per applicant/per property.
  • The qualifying property must include a full kitchen and full bathroom and must meet all national, provincial and municipal bylaws, codes and standards.
  • Eligible costs must be directly related to construction, or renovation of existing space, which results in a net new rental unit. Examples include engineering and architectural services, materials and contract labour related to construction, interior finishing, electrical, plumbing and mechanical work, and standard appliances.
  • The owner must have received all permitting and legal approvals necessary for the unit to be used as a rental, however the program eligibility criteria will not require verification that the suite has been rented before the grant is awarded.
  • The SSI will be administered by the Ministry of Finance and may be used alongside the Provincial Sales Tax (PST) Rebate for New Home Construction provided the qualifications are met.
  • Costs of renovating an existing secondary suite, or the primary residence are not eligible
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