BuyingSelling August 16, 2019

Helpful Hints for Moving

Book Your Move

Whether you decide to hire a moving company or do the move yourself, you will need to make the appropriate arrangements.

When using a moving company you will need to decide what, if anything, you want them to pack up for you and what you want to be responsible for yourself. It is never too soon to begin planning for a move, so make sure to pick your moving day and book your moving company as soon as possible.

If you have chosen to do the move yourself, remember that you may need to rent a truck, pick up your packing supplies and reserve a few friends to help you with your move. Remember, the more organized you are, the easier your moving day will be.

Change of Address

Make sure to fill out a “Change of Address” form at your local Post Office, using your appropriate effective date, to ensure that all mail is forwarded to your new address. This will help you to keep track of those places you have not already changed your address with directly. Sending out “Change of Address” cards from the Post Office well before your moving day will also help to inform people that you will have a new address so that they may update their records.

Other people to notify:

• Financial Institutions

• Social, Athletic, Religious, Civic, or Business Affiliations

• Family Doctors, Dentists, and Pharmacies

• Auto Insurance & Driver’s License

Cancelling & Transferring of Services

Whether we rent or own our current residences, there are a number of different services that we use. It is very important to notify these providers of services of the changes that you need to make.

Don’t forget to call about your:

• Water & Waste Removal

• Electric & Gas Services

• Telephone & Television Services

• Newspaper Subscriptions