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A quiet, family-friendly suburban neighbourhood found in Saskatoon’s east side, Willowgrove is home to about 8,500 people. Consisting of mostly single-family detached homes, with a few multi-family style dwellings available for variety, the average home price is just over $420,000.

The land for this neighbourhood was annexed between 1975 and 1984. Residential construction did not start until 2004. The housing stock is mostly composed of single-family detached houses, as well as some multiple-unit condominiums.

Willowgrove was planned as a neighbourhood that centred on a village square. It incorporates features from older neighbourhoods such as narrow, long lots and back lanes. A system of linear parks connects the various parts of the neighbourhood with green spaces and provides pedestrian linkages. The village square features limited commercial development as well as higher-density residential housing. The urban design of Willowgrove reflects some of the concepts of New Urbanism and the urban village.

As with most Saskatoon neighbourhoods, street names honour various notables in the city's history. Many names previously assigned to streets in Marquis Industrial before a reconfiguration of that region, were reassigned to streets in Willowgrove, such as Thode, Van Impe and Greaves.

It is bounded by McOrmond Drive to the west, Highway 5 to the south, an arbitrary boundary to the north and Holmwood SDA to the east. Roads are laid out in a modern system of local roads and collector roads connecting to the primary arterial road (McOrmond Drive). To the north and east, farmland maintained by the University of Saskatchewan provides greenbelt separation from other current and future neighbourhoods in the region.


• Restaurants, Convenience Store, Salon & Local Shops
• 2 Schools - Willowgrove School & Holy Family Catholic School
• 48+ Acres of Greenspace in 10 Parks
• Close proximity to University Heights Shopping Centre & Brighton Marketplace

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