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A lovely neighbourhood found in Saskatoon's popular south-east, Wildwood is home to about 7,900 people. Most properties are condos and townhouses, with just a few single-family homes, and the average home price is just over $251,000.

Before being part of Saskatoon, the land for this neighbourhood was used for agriculture. It includes part of the Sutherland Moraine, a ridge that forms a local topographic high.

The Wildwood Golf Course existed before any residential development occurred. It opened on July 1, 1931, and was Saskatoon's first golf course. As well, the Saskatoon Stock Car Racing Association operated a racing oval on land between the present-day Moss Avenue and McKercher Drive. In 1968, the SSRCA had to find another home when the City of Saskatoon announced its intention to expand eastward and annex the land.

The land where this neighbourhood now exists was annexed in the period between 1970 and 1974, and the golf course's name was chosen for the name of the new neighbourhood. Home construction was at its peak from 1971 until 1980. Wildwood School opened on May 9, 1978. Bishop Pocock School opened in 1978, and the Lakewood Civic Centre was opened in 1988.

The community is bounded by 8th Street to the north, Boychuk Drive to the east, Taylor Street to the south, and Circle Drive to the west. Inside those boundaries, the roads are a mix of local and collector roads. McKercher Drive, a north-south arterial road, roughly bisects the neighbourhood; Acadia Drive is another north-south arterial road in the west half of this neighbourhood.


• Centre Mall - One of Saskatoon's major shopping centres
• 2 Schools - Bishop Pocock School & Wildwood School
• 68+ Acres of Greenspace in 10 Parks
• Lakewood Civic Centre & Wildwood Golf Course
• Close proximity to 8th Street E-business district

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