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Found in east-central Saskatoon, Sutherland is a lovely, established neighbourhood with a population of about 5,300 people. With the community’s first homestead dating back to 1893, it has a long-standing history in the city and an affordable average home price of just over $279,000.

James Powe and his family arrived in Saskatoon from Ontario in 1884. Their grand house, which stands on the present-day corner of Central Avenue and 115th Street, was built between 1912 and 1914.

Albert Hanson, a noted Saskatoon real estate agent, bought land in the Sutherland area beginning in 1905. He then sold some of it to the Canadian Pacific Railway. This was in keeping with the railway's practice of bypassing existing communities and building its town sites on land it owned, thus sharing the real estate profits with no one.

Hanson subdivided the rest of his land as residential and commercial properties, laid out on a typical north–south grid pattern. The railway's town site was on a grid parallel to the tracks, resulting in a triangular gap between the two areas. This became built up as an industrial area (later the separate Sutherland Industrial subdivision).

The village of Sutherland was created on August 30, 1909. It was named after William Charles Sutherland, a politician who served on Saskatoon's town council before it became a city in 1906. By 1912, the neighbourhood's population had grown to 1000, enabling it to incorporate as a town.

With a population of 1500 by 1912, growth was stalled by the economic recession before World War I. Significant growth did not occur again until the 1950s - in 1956 when the town was annexed by the growing city of Saskatoon. By the 1980s, neighbourhoods had developed east of this one, no longer making it the city's eastern edge.

Further development in the neighbourhood occurred in 2003 when the Rutherford subdivision was built along undeveloped land north of Rita Crescent and south of the Canadian Pacific Railway line along a vacant stretch of 115th Street West.


• Restaurants, Grocery Store, Bank, Shops, Gas Station & more!
• 2 Schools - Bishop Filevich Ukrainian Bilingual School & Sutherland School
• 26+ Acres of Greenspace in 8 Parks & ACT Arena
• Close proximity to the University of Saskatchewan
• Easy commuting via Central Avenue

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