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Historically known as the original settlement of Saskatoon in 1883, Nutana is a highly desirable and mature neighbourhood in the heart of the city along the South Saskatchewan River. It boasts a myriad of housing styles, including many historic homes and newer-build infill properties, with a population of almost 6,000 people and an average home price of just over $501,000.

A heavy influx of people into the area put a strain on the two towns (Nutana & Saskatoon which is now known as the City's Downtown Core), as well as the new neighbouring village of Riversdale. In 1906. the provincial government committed to building a bridge. A city charter was drawn up, and Nutana merged with the town of Saskatoon and the village of Riversdale to become the city of Saskatoon on July 1, 1906. The following year on October 10, 1907, the promised bridge was opened and called the Traffic Bridge.

The period between 1910 and 1912 was particularly prosperous for Saskatoon, and many of this neighbourhood's landmark buildings were built at this time.

By the end of the 1950s, the advent of newer subdivisions, chain stores and shopping malls drew commercial activity away from the traditional businesses in Nutana. Home construction also slowed during this period. The neighbourhood went into decline for several decades.

In the mid-1980s, Broadway merchants and community groups began to organize to turn the area's fortunes around. With the establishment of the Broadway Business Improvement District in 1986, a revitalization program was launched to refurbish the streetscape and reintroduce the area's historic identity. These events spurred a period of gentrification; today, Broadway Avenue is again an active commercial district and the Nutana area is again considered desirable.


• Broadway Business District - top local restaurants, shops & businesses
• Broadway Arts & Culture District - Broadway Theatre & Refinery Arts & Spirit Centre
• Annual Events - Broadway Art Encounter, Bikes on Broadway, Broadway Street Fair, Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival & more!
• 3 Schools - Nutana Collegiate, École Victoria School & Oskāyak High School
• 45 Stunning Acres of Greenspace in 9 Parks
• Close proximity to downtown Saskatoon & 8th Street shopping district

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