Candle Lake, nestled in the heart of Saskatchewan's boreal forest, is a reservoir situated approximately 80 kilometers northeast of Prince Albert. A dam, finalized in 1979 at the lake's southern terminus, effectively regulates water levels, while various small creeks contribute to its waters, and the Torch River drains from the lake at the dam's location. Encompassing much of the lake's perimeter, Candle Lake Provincial Park provides a scenic backdrop, with the resort village of Candle Lake positioned at its southern tip.

The lake derives its name from a Cree legend recounting flickering lights near its northern expanse, a phenomenon purportedly observed even in modern times. Scientific inquiry suggests these lights likely stem from phenomena such as swamp gas or phosphorescent emissions resulting from decaying driftwood, rather than any supernatural origins.

Access to the lake and its amenities is facilitated by Highways 265 and 120, while Candle Lake Airpark is situated on the western shore, approximately 4.8 kilometers west-northwest of the village.

Candle Lake stands as a sought-after tourist destination in Western Canada, with Candle Lake Provincial Park enveloping much of its shoreline. Noteworthy features along its edges include natural sand beaches like Minowukaw Beach, Waskateena Beach, Candle Lake Beach, and the visually striking Purple Sands Beach. The latter boasts vividly striped sands in shades of purple, magenta, and pink, a result of garnet deposits transported to the region by glaciation during the ice age some 12,000 years ago. Adjacent to Minowukaw Beach lies the Minowukaw Sand Dunes.

Activities abound both on and around the lake, including sport fishing, water sports, camping, golfing, hiking, and boating. At Candle Lake Beach on Berezowsky Bay, Sask Aquatic Adventures offers a water adventure park. Additionally, several marinas dot the lake's perimeter, providing convenient boating access.


• Numerous beaches, playgrounds, trails, marinas, and campsites.
• Most amenities and conveniences in the resort village
• Numerous rental accommodations
Candle Lake Golf Resort