Blackstrap Lake


Blackstrap Lake, situated in central Saskatchewan south of Saskatoon within the Rural Municipality of Dundurn No. 314, is a reservoir constructed in 1967 as part of the Saskatoon South East Water Supply System. Covering an area of 3,000 acres, it primarily serves irrigation, industrial, and municipal water needs.

The lake rests within the Blackstrap Coulee, an ancient spillway formed by the Wisconsin glacier's retreat. Previously, Theresa Lake and Blackstrap Lake occupied the region now submerged by the reservoir, utilized by First Nations for hunting and shelter, and later by European settlers for farming during dry spells. Today, this flat expanse constitutes the lake bed and is designated as an Important Bird Area of Canada, known as the Blackstrap Coulee IBA, which spans 77.18 square kilometers, encompassing Blackstrap Lake and adjacent Indi Lake. Notably, 239 bird species, including the western grebe, Franklin's gull, black tern, and others, have been documented in this area.

Blackstrap Lake is central to Blackstrap Provincial Park, initially developed for recreation following the reservoir's completion, including a ski hill constructed for the 1971 Canada Winter Games, with the park officially established in 1986.

Communities dotting Blackstrap Lake's shores include two villages, two subdivisions, and a Hutterite Colony. Thode, a resort village housing around 156 residents, sits on the western shore near the middle, adjacent to Blackstrap Provincial Park's main beach. Shields, another resort village with approximately 172 residents, lies on the northwestern shore, featuring a golf course overlooking the lake. Skyview Estates, located south of Thode, offer views of Mount Blackstrap and the lake, boasting a private marina for residents' water access. Conversely, the northeastern shore hosts a subdivision within Lakeside Golf Resort. Additionally, Hillcrest Hutterite Colony, a division of Leask Hutterite Colony, is situated west of Thode along Thode Road, established in 1969.


• Beach, playground, dock, inflatable waterpark
• Townsites of Thode and Shields have numerous amenities, along with Dundurn
Blackstrap Provincial Park with campsites and rental accommodations.