Home Decor February 1, 2023

Incorporate Viva Magenta Into Your Home



Pantone releases a Colour of the Year in January, and in 2023 the colour is Viva Magenta. This bold hue represents the challenges and joy in our ever-changing world. Finding ways to incorporate this colour into your home might seem challenging, but here are a few simple ideas to try for yourself!


Accent Wall or Feature Wall


If you want to add Viva Magenta to a room without it feeling like an overpowering colour, consider painting one accent wall. Another great option to break up the colour is to select a vibrant decorative wallpaper with magenta accents. Think about what other complementary colours you will decorate the room with—lighter shades of blues, pinks and purples can subdue and highlight the colour.


Furniture and Accessories


Furniture in the colour Viva Magenta would make a lovely accent piece in a room, whether it be a chair, ottoman or sofa. Choose contemporary furniture with curves and lines that draw the eye in without making the colour feel overwhelming. If you aren’t ready to commit to such a bold colour, a slipcover over existing furniture would be an easy, cost-effective way to add it. Use smaller Magenta accessories to display, like coffee table books or a vase in soft pink or purple for extra interest.


Artwork and Decorations


If the ideas above are still too ambitious for you, there is always artwork and small decorations for a pop of colour. Look for abstract art featuring complimentary colours or vibrant Magenta. Vintage prints come in rich colour palettes, or search for vintage muted tones like soft pastels to keep in the Magenta theme. Decorations such as pink candle holders or small photo frames—little touches can bring together the whole design.


Create Contrasting Color Combinations


Viva Magenta pairs well with various colours but, when used minimally, can create a strong contrast within its own colour family. Colours like shades of yellow or even sunny yellow can create a unique stand-out effect. Opt for lavenders, pastel pinks or deep purples for a subtle yet rich combination of colours. 


Pantone’s Colour of the Year, Viva Magenta, is a bold statement colour but has a lot of versatility. Try incorporating it into your home to create a modern, classy look. Whether you paint the walls or find a great accent piece, this colour will energize any room.


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