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Waldheim, a town nestled within the Rural Municipality of Laird No. 404, Saskatchewan, boasts a population of 1,035 residents and is situated 57 kilometers north of Saskatoon. Positioned along Highway 312 in central Saskatchewan, Waldheim holds the distinction of being dubbed the "Heart of the Old North-West." Its proximity to notable historical sites such as Fort Carlton, Batoche, the Battle of Fish Creek, and Seager Wheeler's Maple Grove Farm enriches its cultural landscape.

The town's origins trace back to 1893 when Mennonite settlers from Manitoba and South Dakota arrived to establish agricultural roots in the area. The advent of the Canadian Northern Railway in 1908 further catalyzed Waldheim's growth and development.

During the 1870s, Canada actively sought farming immigrants, attracting around 7,000 Mennonites to settle in Manitoba, where the government allocated two reserves for their resettlement. Subsequently, in the early 1890s, a significant number of these families migrated to the District of Saskatchewan, marking the beginning of substantial Mennonite immigration to the Saskatchewan Valley region before the turn of the century.

Thriving Mennonite farming communities flourished across the Saskatchewan Valley, including areas near Aberdeen, Laird, Waldheim, Langham, Dalmeny, and Rosthern. These settlements witnessed the establishment of churches, cultivation of land, and construction of infrastructure like roads.

As of 2021, Waldheim boasts a population of 1,237 inhabitants, residing in 430 of its 451 total private dwellings.


• Post Office, Library, Local Shops, Grocery Store
• K-12 School - Waldheim School
• Rec Centre, Pineridge Golf Course, Ball Diamonds

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