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Outlook, situated in west-central Saskatchewan, lies approximately 80 kilometers south-southwest of Saskatoon, nestled along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, downstream from Gardiner Dam and the Coteau Creek Hydroelectric Station.

The town's history traces back to the early 1900s when farmers and immigrants ventured into the area in search of fertile farmland. Outlook's inception as a settlement occurred on August 26, 1908, marked by the Canadian Pacific Railway's initiation of lot auctions. Welcoming its first train on November 23, 1908, Outlook rapidly burgeoned, with the CPR promptly establishing a tri-weekly train service to cope with the demand for construction materials and workers. By November 1, 1910, Outlook attained town status, with the completion of the Skytrail bridge in 1912 further enhancing connectivity and commerce.

Recognized as the "Irrigation Capital of Saskatchewan," Outlook is home to the province's largest irrigation project, underscoring its significance in agricultural endeavors.

As of 2021, Outlook boasted a population of 2,336, residing in 1,001 of its 1,055 total private dwellings.


• Most Services
• 3 Schools - Outlook Elementary School, Outlook High School, Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute
• Regional Park, Riverview Golf Course, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Recreation Complex, Trans Canada Trail

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