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Nestled 154 kilometers southwest of Saskatoon, Herschel is a quaint community of merely 30 residents. Primarily residential, it offers a handful of amenities, including a campground, picnic area, and museum. For additional conveniences, residents often venture to nearby Rosetown.

The name Herschel may sound familiar, particularly to fans of the renowned Vancouver-based backpack brand, Herschel Supply Co. Interestingly, the founders christened the brand after their hometown, where three generations had flourished.

Early settlers were lured to the region by its hilly terrain, ideal for grazing livestock. In October 1910, the village of Herschel was officially established, paying homage to the eminent 19th-century English physicist and astronomer, Sir John Fredrick William Herschel.

Among the pioneering settlers was W. G. King, who erected the village's inaugural structure, a general store, in 1911. Shortly thereafter, the rail line connecting Macklin to Rosetown commenced operations, further bolstering Herschel's development.

In June 1994, the community school ceased operations due to declining attendance. However, this setback paved the way for the establishment of the Ancient Echoes Interpretive Centre in the former school premises that October. Dedicated to showcasing the area's fossil treasures, prairie grassland ecology, local history, and ancient First Nation ceremonial sites, the center remains a cherished asset of the community.


• Museum, Hunting Outfitter, Tea Room
• No schools
The Barn event centre

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