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Situated 65 kilometers south of Saskatoon along Highway 11, Hanley derives its name from Hanley, Staffordshire, England, chosen by its early founders. It also serves as the seat for the rural municipality of Rosedale.

Established in 1902 and officially incorporated as a town in 1906, Hanley epitomizes the quintessential small agricultural community within Southern Saskatchewan's grain-growing region. The early 20th century saw a surge of settlers drawn to the area by land speculators, hailing from the UK, Eastern Canada, America, and Scandinavia. Today, a significant portion of the population comprises Norwegian descendants, alongside a substantial Mennonite-German community.

While Hanley lacks heavy industries, it offers essential amenities such as a school, Royal Canadian Mounted Police depot, churches, post office, and various businesses. The town has witnessed a recent influx of young families relocating, contributing to its population growth.

In its heyday, Hanley was renowned as a vital community in the region, attracting several railroads and thriving as a prominent trading and business center until the 1960s. Notable landmarks, including the Lawrence House Mansion and one of the largest brick schools in the region, once adorned the town, alongside one of Canada's few Opera Houses. However, these grand structures have since disappeared.

As of 2021, Hanley is home to a population of 540 individuals, residing in 228 of its 248 total private dwellings, embodying its enduring spirit as a cherished community in Saskatchewan.


• Restaurant, Gas Station, Post Office, Grocery Store
• K-12 School - Hanley Composite School
• Golf Course, Arena, Campground

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