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The picturesque town of Hague, boasting a population of approximately 874 residents, is nestled 46 kilometers northeast of Saskatoon, steeped in a rich tapestry of history. With its deep agricultural heritage, Hague offers a fulfilling lifestyle, with essential amenities conveniently accessible and an average home price hovering just above $259,000.

Founded in the late nineteenth century as a Mennonite settlement harnessing the fertile lands of the region, Hague owes its name to Mr. J. Hague, an engineer for the C.N.R. responsible for laying the tracks connecting Saskatoon and Prince Albert. Initially incorporated as a Village in 1903, Hague attained the status of a Town on November 1, 1991.

Fueled by its relatively affordable cost of living compared to Saskatoon, Hague is experiencing steady growth, while maintaining strong ties to its agricultural roots. The town boasts a range of amenities including a school, arena catering to hockey and curling enthusiasts, grocery and hardware stores, a Credit Union, post office, a restaurant, two gas stations, and Valley Ford, a trusted vehicle dealership.

In July 2011, the completion of construction on Highway 11 North, which saw the twinning of the highway between Hague and Saskatoon, further enhanced connectivity and accessibility, contributing to the town's ongoing development and prosperity.


• Most Services
• 2 Schools - Hague Elementary School & Hague High School
• Sports Complex, Curling Rink, Tennis Courts, Baseball Diamonds

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