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Elbow, a quaint village situated within the Rural Municipality of Loreburn No. 254 in Saskatchewan, traces its origins back to its founding in 1909, near the picturesque Lake Diefenbaker. Positioned 8 kilometers northwest of Mistusinne, 10 kilometers northwest of Douglas Provincial Park, and 16 kilometers southeast of Loreburn, Elbow derives its name from its location on the bend, or "elbow," of the South Saskatchewan River.

Embraced by the stunning natural landscape, the village features amenities such as a marina offering boat storage and houseboat rentals, a golf course, a boat dealership, and two restaurants. Additionally, visitors can explore local history at the sod house, now transformed into a museum, and delve into literature at the village library.

Elbow officially attained village status on April 6, 1909, marking a significant milestone in its development.

As of 2021, Elbow is home to a population of 341 residents, residing in 165 of its 246 total private dwellings, showcasing its appeal as a charming and vibrant community in Saskatchewan.


• Most Services
• No School. The nearest school is Loreburn Central School
• Community Centre, Campground, Marina

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