thinking about buying privately?

I always encourage my clients to remain vigilant for potential opportunities. While I can't be everywhere at once, if you come across a house being sold privately, it may be worth considering.

Feel free to reach out, view the home, or attend an open house without any pressure. However, if you're seriously interested in the property, I strongly recommend engaging an agent. The trend of selling homes "For Sale By Owner" (FSBO) is gaining popularity, driven by the ease of internet marketing. Sellers may aim to save money, bypass the "middle man," or believe they can handle the sale independently by putting up a sign or placing an ad. However, the process can quickly become complex once a buyer is involved.

There's a significant distinction between FSBO listings and those represented by agents. FSBO's often lack professional expertise, understanding of the sales process, or compliance with disclosure obligations. Their contracts may be generic or outdated, and the marketing information may not be professionally verified. Moreover, they operate without oversight from regulatory bodies, having chosen to forego professional advice and representation.

Please don't misinterpret this information. FSBO's can indeed be viable options for purchasing a home, but a real estate professional can significantly safeguard your interests. Here are several critical aspects an agent can assist you with:


Before proceeding with any property transaction, it's essential to meticulously verify crucial details such as land use regulations, square footage measurements, the accuracy of features, title deeds, and any red flags in the property's history. Additionally, obtaining necessary documents ensures a smooth and transparent transaction process.


Real estate contracts and forms evolve regularly to align with current market trends and legal requirements. Working with an agent ensures access to professionally drafted and up-to-date documents, protecting both parties' interests and minimizing legal risks.


Negotiating terms in a real estate transaction can quickly become emotional and complex. Having a neutral third party, such as a real estate agent, helps to maintain objectivity and navigate negotiations effectively, preventing potential pitfalls and ensuring optimal outcomes for both parties.


A real estate agent's expertise in drafting contracts and terms tailored to your specific needs is invaluable. These contracts safeguard your interests, outline rights and obligations clearly, and mitigate potential disputes down the line, providing peace of mind throughout the transaction process.


Accurately assessing the market value of a property is crucial for both buyers and sellers. By analyzing recent sales data and comparing prices of similar properties in the neighborhood, your agent can help determine the property's true market value. This insight ensures informed decision-making and prevents overpaying or underselling.


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